code, not magic.

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Future was born out of frustration at the lack of tech events aimed at teenagers, and was therefore created with the sole aim of inspiring the next generation of tech leaders.

After hosting 3 annual events which hosted speakers from TIME’s list of most influential teens and attracted a cumulative 600 attendees, we are now hosting Future17, a one day tech conference and hackathon that aims to inspire Britain’s teenagers to get more involved in the tech industry.

By using a unique model and organising a tech conference around a hackathon, we ensure that attendees get the most from this experience: not only will they be able to develop their skills first-hand by 'hacking' together a product, but they will also receive talks from some of the leading people in the technology industry today.

The ultimate aim of the event is not only to inspire the next generation of tech leaders, but also to make teens see code as more than lines and squiggles on a screen and appreciate it for the magic that it is.